Is One Yoga Style Better Than Another?

This is a recent study by Cramer et al. (2016) that compared whether different yoga styles varied in their positive results reported by the participants.  Cramer et al. reviewed and analysed the results of 306 randomised control trials (RCTs). Continue reading


How far should one push?

Yoga has never been more popular in the West and one type of yoga prevails above others, namely Hatha yoga in the form of Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa etc. Hatha yoga is distinguished from other types of yoga by its emphasis on asana more than the other practices in the yoga tradition. It is, naturally and inevitably, being transformed and assimilated into a Western style. Yoga in the West has been transformed since the 60s-70s but as practicing yoga became more and more popular and accessible to wider group of practitioners, it is difficult to talk about a unified understanding of its practice. Continue reading